About Us

Overview & Mission Statement


Wade & Clark Wine Imports, LLC is a national importer based in New York.  We represent a limited selection of old world and new world wine producers positioned at the premium and ultra-premium market segments.  Family owned and operated, we value the excellence in quality and dedication to brand reputation that generations of experience can foster.


Our objective is to offer an elite portfolio of producers whose wines exemplify the finest quality and purest expressions of their respective denominations and origins.  The relationship we establish with each producer is founded on shaping the vitality and growth of the brand with a shared focus on its proper positioning in the U.S. market.  In this goal, a dialogue of transparency and respect are paramount.


From placement of each producer with motivated, appropriately structured distributors through introduction of products to the finest restaurants, retailers, hotels and journalists in each market, our responsibility to brand evolution is primary.  We offer our distributor network and their retail clients the service, guidance, support and sales tools to accomplish that purpose.


Beyond the import, distribution, marketing and communications services we provide on behalf of our producers and clients, Wade & Clark also offers storage and logistics services to the fine wine marketplace through our related company, River Valley Wine Cellars.  The synergy between these two entities gives us the ability to add value to the relationships with our producers as well as with our high net worth clientele.


Wade & Clark Wine Imports is founded on a singular standard of excellence.  We represent some of the world’s finest estates with fascinating stories expressed in the wines they create.  We invite you to discover them, not only in the pages of our website but also in a glass, without which the story is not complete.