In addition to representing a world-class portfolio, Wade & Clark Wine Imports can also assist with private wine transactions. If you are looking to import fine and rare wines from abroad or if you lived abroad and have wines with a storage facility and would like to have those wines relocated back to the United States, we can safely and securely bring those wines into the United States for your own private cellar.


River Valley Wine Cellars

Beyond import services, the principals of Wade & Clark Wine Imports also own River Valley Wine Cellars, an environmentally controlled and secure storage facility for the preservation of fine wine for both short term and long term storage. Conveniently located in lower Westchester County, River Valley Wine Cellars serves individual investors, restaurants, retailers, importers and distributors in the tri-state metropolitan area.

At River Valley Wine Cellars, we understand that wine can, and often has, outperformed the major financial markets offering significant returns without the volatility of the stock market. Therefore, preserving your investment is our primary focus. Our facility is partially sub-terrain affording ideal conditions for temperature and humidity control, no natural sunlight and free from vibration. While in our possession, your investment is insured against breakage, fire and theft. We maintain a state of the art security system that monitors all mechanical systems to ensure continuous function of our physical plant. In the event of a power loss, the warehouse is equipped with full back up generated power. Other amenities include a sophisticated inventory management system, pick up and delivery within the tri-state area and expert packing and shipping for out of state deliveries.

The combination of Wade & Clark Wine Imports and River Valley Wine Cellars creates a unique logistics company by bringing together the essential components for a true logistics business – importing, distribution, storage, inventory control and transportation.